Ordinary People... Extraordinary Church

Jowayne's Story

“The moment I came here, it just felt like a family to me.”

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Ryan's Story

“I wasn’t really heavily involved in church and hadn’t been to church in about 20 years.”

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Alex & Heather's Story

“We wanted God to lead us to where He wanted us to be.”

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Fleur's Story

I was in a place of brokenness and looking for God and searching for God.”

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Karen's Story

“When I came here, I was broken. The people here have really made a change in my life.”

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Isabella's Story

“I feel like I found my home. The moment I stepped into this church, I felt like I found my family.”

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Eric's Story

“The minute I walk through that door, my whole life changed.”

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The Birikundavyi Family

“We’ve really found a family away from home.”

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Sofia's Story

“I’ve never really been to a church where everyone is so accepting of one another.”

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Mateo's Story

“Here, we believe that no perfect are allowed.”

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Tiffanique's Story

“I was in search of that opportunity, where I could actually feel that sense of fulfillment and stability within a church setting.”

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2. How you met Christ.

3. The difference Jesus made in your life.