Open Doors & Open Hearts

Jul 12, 2023    Akil Thompson

In this sermon titled "Open Doors and Open Hearts," Pastor Akil Thompson of Extraordinary Church builds upon the inspiring message from last Sunday's sermon, "Make Room." Drawing from Scripture references in Psalm 110:3 and Habakkuk 3:3-6, Pastor Akil dives deeper into the transformative theme of preparing ourselves to receive a divine visitation from God and being a lover of His presence.

Pastor Akil highlights the significance of having open hearts in preparation for God's visitation. He explains how a heart surrendered to God's will, filled with humility, and free from bitterness and unforgiveness, becomes a fertile ground for divine encounters. Drawing lessons from the example of biblical figures and their encounters with God, he reveals practical steps to cultivate an open and receptive heart that aligns with God's desires.

As Pastor Akil Thompson's sermon unfolds, you will be encouraged to examine your own life, seeking areas where doors need to be opened, and hearts need to be softened. This message will challenge us to let go of past hurts, forgive, and embrace God's transforming love. The sermon culminates in a powerful call to action, inspiring our EC fam and friends to prepare themselves for a divine visitation that will bring about breakthroughs, blessings, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Get ready to experience a deeper connection with God and position yourself to encounter His life-changing presence.