Ordinary People... 

Extraordinary Church!

Jowayne's Story

"The moment I came here, it just felt like a family to me." 

Ryan's Story

"I wasn't really heavily involved in church and hadn't been to church in about 20 years." 

Alex & Heather's Story

"We wanted God to lead us to where He wanted us to be."

Fleur's Story

"I was in a place of brokenness and looking for God and searching for God."

Karen's Story

“When I came here, I was broken. The people here have really made a change in my life.”

Isabella's Story

“I feel like I found my home. The moment I stepped into this church, I felt like I found my family.”

Eric's Story

“The minute I walk through that door, my whole life changed.”

The Birikundavyi's Story

“We’ve really found a family away from home.”

Jacqueline's Story

"Since I've been coming to EC it's been really fun. I've met my family here."

Steven & Jazmine's Story

"It's a pretty, pretty wild story. God always has an open door. We're excited to see how this story unfolds."

Tiffanique's Story

“I was in search of that opportunity, where I could actually feel that sense of fulfillment and stability within a church setting.”

Tammy's Story

“Since I’ve come to Extraordinary Church it’s been such a blessing.”

Andy's Story

“I was in a state of worry, fear, and anxiety. I was praying for God to lead me”

Ètoile's Story

“I’m grateful to God that I’ve been attending this church.”

Jordan's Story

“I was really looking for a place of refuge.”

Lalune's Story

“I decided I needed something more. Something that would help me get through the tough times I was going through.” 

Expanding the vision...

We are multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic community. Generations within our church family do not compete with one another, they complete one another. (We take this same approach with local churches.) We believe His Spirit is being poured out on all generations. Extraordinary Church is a church becoming a place where fathers and mothers will release sons and daughters into their Kingdom purpose. 

Where we are headed...

We prefer our God-given future over our history. Our future is greater than our past. We will celebrate His faithfulness and what He has done and learn from our history, while looking forward and pursuing all that He has for us.