Just Keep Growing, Part 2

Jul 2, 2023    Akil Thompson

Welcome to Extraordinary Church! In this inspiring sermon titled "Just Keep Growing (part 2)," Pastor Akil dives deep into the powerful message of spiritual growth and resilience. Drawing from the biblical passages 1 Samuel 2:11-26, 1 Samuel 3:9, and Romans 5:17, Pastor Akil encourages us to embrace the challenges that come our way, knowing that they are opportunities for growth.

Through the lens of 1 Samuel, we explore the story of young Samuel and Eli, learning valuable lessons about hearing God's voice and the importance of cultivating a heart that is open to His guidance. Pastor Akil skillfully unpacks the notion that growth is not always comfortable but is essential for our spiritual journey.

Furthermore, referencing Romans 5:17, Pastor Akil emphasizes the transformational power of God's grace and how it empowers us to overcome obstacles and grow in our faith. Join us for this enlightening sermon as we discover the keys to continual growth and the abundant life that awaits us. Don't miss out on this powerful message at Extraordinary Church!