The King Is Here

Akil Thompson

Get ready for Palm Sunday with Pastor Akil as he takes us through an eye-opening sermon, "The King Is Here," focusing on Luke 19:28-38. This isn’t just about remembering Jesus showing up in Jerusalem in a way no one expected - on a donkey, calm and peaceful, not like the powerful rulers everyone was used to. This part of the Bible shows us the excitement and deep meaning behind Jesus’s arrival and sets us up for everything that’s going to happen during Holy Week.

Pastor Akil will dig into what it really means when we say Jesus is our King. It's not about being powerful or famous the way we usually think about it. Instead, it’s about humility, helping out, and loving others, even when it’s tough. This sermon is going to challenge us to think about how we welcome Jesus into our own lives. Do we really get what He stands for? Are we ready to follow His lead, even when it goes against what everyone else thinks is important?

This talk is more than just a history lesson; it's a nudge for all of us to start living more like Jesus did - spreading peace, love, and fairness wherever we go. As we celebrate Palm Sunday, let’s think about how we can let Jesus take the lead in our lives, changing us and the world around us for the better.

“The King Is Here” is a chance to see how Jesus’s story isn’t just something that happened a long time ago - it’s about how He’s still here with us, guiding us and wanting the best for us. Let’s dive into this together and find out how we can make His presence felt in our lives every day.