What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Sep 17, 2023    Akil Thompson

In this transformative sermon, Pastor Akil of the Extraordinary Church delves deep into the scriptures of Ephesians 1 and Exodus 1:1-10, unfolding spiritual truths that are as relevant today as they were in biblical times. As we navigate a world filled with both information and misinformation, the word of God stands as a beacon of eternal truth, guiding us through life's intricate pathways.

Join us as we explore the juxtaposition between the divine inheritance that God has prepared for us, as depicted in Ephesians 1, and the ignorance that plagued the new king of Egypt concerning Joseph and his contributions in Exodus 1. This ignorance led to the suppression and oppression of the Israelites, a testament to the dire implications of lacking knowledge.

In this sermon, Pastor Akil will challenge us to elevate our understanding, urging us to seek God's wisdom fervently. Through this spiritual journey, we uncover that what we don't know can indeed hurt us, but with God's guidance, we can transcend our limitations, stepping into a realm of divine wisdom and grace.

Prepare your hearts as we embark on a journey of enlightenment, seeking to add value to each other's lives and foster a community grounded in love, unity, and God's everlasting wisdom. Be ready to be inspired and empowered to be a beacon of knowledge and truth in a world desperately in need of God's light.