Unpacking Yesterday

Jan 7, 2024    Akil Thompson

Welcome to the first sermon of 2024 at Extraordinary Church, delivered by Pastor Akil Thompson. In this compelling message titled "Unpacking Yesterday," we delve into the profound lessons from Joshua 5:10-12, exploring how the Israelites' transition from manna to the produce of the Promised Land mirrors our journey into a new year.

Pastor Akil masterfully navigates the scriptures, drawing parallels between the Israelites' experience and our modern lives. He encourages us to reflect on our past, learn from it, and move forward with faith and determination. This sermon is an invitation to leave behind the "manna" – the provisional solutions of yesterday – and embrace the abundant blessings that God has in store for us.

As we step into 2024, "Unpacking Yesterday" is more than just a sermon; it's a roadmap for spiritual growth and personal transformation. Whether you're dealing with lingering challenges from the past year or seeking guidance for the journey ahead, this message offers wisdom, encouragement, and a fresh perspective.

Join us for this uplifting and transformative experience. Let's start the new year with renewed faith, hope, and a commitment to God's purpose for our lives.