It's About To Get Ugly: Week 3 - Motives and Actions

Dec 27, 2023    Akil Thompson

But wait, it's not what you think! Amidst the merriment of holiday season fashion faux pas, we're taking a deeper dive into the less discussed aspects of our lives that can become 'ugly' – our thoughts, words, motives, and actions.

Week 1: Unraveling Thoughts - Dive into how Jesus can transform even our most tangled thoughts into a beautiful pattern of faith and wisdom.

Week 2: Tailoring Words - Explore the power of our words and how Christ's love can stitch kindness and truth into our everyday conversations.

Week 3: Motives and Actions - Discover how Jesus' teachings can re-fashion our motives and actions, aligning them more closely with God's exquisite design for our lives.

This series isn't just about recognizing the 'ugly'; it's a celebration of how Jesus perpetually renews us, turning what is worn and faded into something new and beautiful. So, grab your ugliest Christmas sweater and join us in exploring and embracing the transformative power of Christ this Christmas!

Let's rediscover the beauty of Christ together this December!