All Nations Sunday: From Every Tribe & Nation

Jun 30, 2024    Akil Thompson

Are you ready to be inspired and uplifted? In our latest sermon, “From Every Tribe & Nation,” Pastor Akil explores Revelation 7:9-12, painting a vivid picture of a heavenly crowd too vast to count, gathered from every corner of the globe.

Imagine this: People from all walks of life, cultures, and languages, united in their worship of God. This powerful vision reflects the incredible diversity of our own Extraordinary Church community, where nearly 40 nationalities come together in faith and love.

In this message, Pastor Akil unpacks:

•The beauty of our diversity as a Divine gift.

•The significance of every culture and language in expressing God’s image.

•The excitement of salvation and the power of collective worship.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the richness of God’s creation and the unity we find in Him. 

Click to watch now and be part of this transformative experience. Let’s come together in worship, just as we will in heaven, and celebrate our diversity as a testament to God’s multifaceted nature. Join us and be inspired to see the world through a heavenly lens!

👉 Watch now and be blessed! #extraordinarychurch 

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