Deliverance With A Side of Dirt

May 21, 2023    Landon Gore

Watch "Deliverance With A Side of Dirt" by our guest speaker, Landon Gore. Drawing inspiration from 2 Kings 5:13-17, this sermon will take us on a journey of faith, humility, and unexpected blessings.

In this passage, we encounter the story of Naaman, a valiant commander afflicted with leprosy. Desperate for a cure, he seeks the renowned prophet, Elisha, hoping for miraculous healing. However, the process of his deliverance is far from what he expects.

Through Landon Gore's insightful teaching, we will unpack the spiritual lessons found within this captivating narrative. "Deliverance With A Side of Dirt" explores the themes of pride, obedience, and the paradox of God's ways.

Naaman, a man of influence and power, arrives at Elisha's doorstep with a preconceived notion of how his healing should occur. But instead of a grand spectacle, Elisha sends a messenger with a simple command: "Go and wash in the Jordan seven times."