Week 1: More Than Heaven, More Than Church

Jul 6, 2022    Akil Thompson

Often, salvation is viewed like our insurance policy—we experience the New Birth, and it stops there for many of us. We sing songs of worship about surrendering our lives to Christ, but we fail to see that the Kingdom of God is bigger than just attaining salvation so we can gain entrance into heaven.

The Kingdom of God is now¬—it’s all around us, and we need it to permeate our hearts and minds to help ordinary people experience extraordinary life in Jesus. That’s what the gospel of the Kingdom of God is all about.

Join us for this brand new three-week series where we will realize the stark contrast between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of man.

Each week, we will map our steps to transforming our minds and thoughts to reflect a “Kingdom of God” perspective. Instead of simply focusing on how we can make it to heaven, think about how He can bring heaven to the Greater Toronto Hamilton area.