Make Room

Jul 9, 2023    Akil Thompson

In this sermon titled "Make Room," Pastor Akil Thompson of Extraordinary Church delivers an inspiring message that explores the profound importance of desiring and valuing the presence of God in our lives. Drawing upon the biblical account found in 2 Samuel 6, Pastor Akil shares timeless wisdom and insights that resonate with believers seeking a deeper connection with their Creator.

With his signature passion and relatability, Pastor Akil illuminates the story of David and the Ark of the Covenant, highlighting the significance of creating space for God in our hearts, minds, and daily routines. He guides us on a transformative journey through thought-provoking anecdotes, practical examples, and scriptural teachings, revealing how a genuine hunger for God's presence can bring restoration, purpose, and supernatural encounters.

"Make Room" is a compelling call to prioritize intimacy with God, inviting us to remove distractions, make intentional time for prayer and worship, and cultivate a hunger that paves the way for divine encounters. This sermon will inspire you to pursue a deeper, more vibrant relationship with God as you discover the immeasurable blessings that await those who make room for His presence in their lives.