Vision Sunday: The Unrecognized Vision

Mar 10, 2024    Akil Thompson

Check out "The Unrecognized Vision" with Pastor Akil Thompson. He's diving deep into how easy it is to miss Jesus' presence in our busy lives, inspired by that famous story where two disciples don’t realize they’re walking with Jesus (Luke 24:13-35). Pastor Akil is about helping us see beyond our daily grind and routine prayers to find a real connection with Jesus.

He tackles why we often overlook Jesus right beside us and encourages us to shake up our spiritual routines to really notice Him. The highlight? When those disciples finally get it and recognize Jesus - a moment that shows just how life-changing a genuine encounter with Him can be.

"The Unrecognized Vision" is perfect for anyone feeling a bit lost or looking for a deeper bond with Jesus. Pastor Akil’s message is relatable and real, pushing us to open our eyes to Jesus in new ways.

So, if you’re ready for a faith refresh or just curious about finding Jesus in the every day, give this sermon a watch. Pastor Akil’s got some insights that might change how you see everything.