My Choice... His Promise (Me & My House)

May 5, 2024    Akil Thompson

Check out Pastor Akil Thompson’s latest sermon, "My Choice... His Promise (Me & My House)." Dive into the powerful story of Joshua and how his commitment to serve the Lord set the course for him and his family. This sermon connects Joshua’s historic decisions to the choices we face every day, urging us to think about who we're really serving in our busy, temptation-filled lives.

Are you making choices for short-term gains or for promises that last forever? Pastor Akil breaks it down in a way that hits home, challenging us to think about the impact of our decisions not just on ourselves, but on future generations too.

Don't just scroll past! Tune in to discover how choosing right today can shape a better tomorrow. Join us, watch now, and share your thoughts. What choices are you making for your house?