Grow Up: Week 5 - Teachable Moments

Jan 31, 2024    Akil Thompson

  "Teachable Moments" - Dive into the Depths of Growth with Us! 🌟

As we wrap up our brand new series, "Grow UP," we invite you to join us for the finale with our latest sermon, "Teachable Moments." This message is designed to inspire, challenge, and transform your perspective on growth and learning in every season of life.

Why Watch "Teachable Moments”? 

-Uncover the secrets to adaptability and lifelong learning.

- Learn how every situation holds a lesson waiting to be discovered.

- Be inspired to embrace change with grace and courage.

- Understand how a teachable spirit can lead to effective living and profound spiritual maturity.

Explore the entire "Grow UP" series at your own pace. Engage with each message, apply the lessons, and witness the transformative power of God's Word in your life. Download our app in any app store and get your growth on! 

Worship Set

The Sound (Featuring David Jennings)

“The Sound”

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Executive Producer: Jeromy Hoffee

Mixing: Joseph Salamida (Vanquish Studios)

Mastering: Franklin Socorro

Live Sound Engineer: Eddie Salguero

Recorded by: Vito DiGiovanni

Featuring: David Jennings and Illinois Youth

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